CLE Program

ADR Services, Inc., is a California State Bar certified MCLE provider that offers legal education programs to our clients throughout California at no charge.

About Our CLE Program

Our panel of neutrals consists of attorneys and retired judges who have the experience and legal knowledge that make them not only skilled, effective ADR professionals, but also arm them with the practiced legal expertise and communications skills essential to effective legal education. Presenters are available to conduct complimentary CLE programs at law firms, events, or in one of our ADR Services, Inc. offices across the state.


Our award-winning panel of neutrals offers substantial experience as mediators and arbitrators in every area of civil litigation.

Our neutrals have given MCLE presentations at many of the top 100 law firms in Los Angeles, corporate legal departments, government legal departments, bar associations, and non-profit organizations.


Presenters have taught a wide variety of MCLE topics through this program, including the following subjects required by the California State Bar:

  • Legal Ethics
  • Competence Issues
  • Elimination of Bias

Inquiries & Scheduling

For a list of current topics and instructors, or to inquire about scheduling, please .

1 Hour General Credit

Partition Actions 101: An Introduction to Statutes, Remedies, and Resolution of Partition Actions
ADR Services, Inc. Complimentary In-House Program


Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the intricate world of Partition Actions. Whether you are a seasoned attorney looking to refresh your knowledge or a legal professional seeking to gain a deeper understanding of this complex area of law, this program is tailored for you.

In this program, our experienced speakers will explore the various scenarios that lead to partition actions, from family disputes over inherited property to co-ownership conflicts. Viewers will gain insights into the circumstances that trigger the need for partition proceedings and discover the common issues that arise.

They will uncover the range of remedies available in partition actions and when and how they are applied. Learn to understand the significance of requesting a jury trial and learn about the intricacies of property sales in partition actions. We'll provide practical tips on advocating for your client's interests.

Finally, the speakers will delve into the appointment, role, and responsibilities of a partition referee and how to effectively use them in property valuation, sale of the property, division of the property, accounting, and reporting to the court.

Our expert speakers will guide you through the nuances of partition actions, providing you with valuable insights and practical strategies to succeed in these cases and understand the statutes, remedies, and resolution options is crucial to achieving favorable outcomes for your clients.

Embracing the Tapestry: Mediating in a Vibrantly Diverse World
Keynote Address at the Academy of Professional Family Mediators 2023 Conference

In a world characterized by rapidly evolving social landscapes and interconnected global networks, the art of mediation has taken on a new dimension of significance. Join us for the keynote address, "Embracing the Tapestry: Mediating in a Vibrantly Diverse World," where Hon. Anita Santos (Ret.) will delve into the essential skills and understanding required to navigate the complexities of mediating across diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

As mediators, we are entrusted with the vital task of resolving conflicts, promoting understanding, and fostering harmony. The success of our endeavors is increasingly linked to our ability to adapt and connect with the diverse fabric of humanity. Our goal is to empower participants with the knowledge and techniques to bridge gaps, break down barriers, and transform conflict into an opportunity for growth and unity.

Join us for this thought-provoking program as we strengthen our resolve to build bridges across differences, celebrate diversity, and forge a path toward a more harmonious and inclusive world.

Refresh & Reimagine: 29th Annual MCLE Spectacular
Presented by the Contra Costa County Bar Association

This year we are asking everyone to REFRESH & REIMAGINE with us. We are refreshing our venue for the first time in 28 years, moving to the Hilton in Concord.

We are also refreshing our date. This year we will be holding the SPEC on Friday, November 3rd.

We are also reimagining our online presence. In addition to videotaping all three keynotes and 10 breakout sessions, we will live stream all the keynotes and two breakout sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon.

2 Hours Legal Ethics

Navigating Mediation’s Ethical Horizon: Integrity, Fairness, and Professionalism
Presented at the ACBA Virtual MCLE Compliance Countdown


As the art of mediation continues to shape the legal landscape, professionals must remain committed to the highest standards of conduct. This webinar will offer valuable insights into the ethical considerations that attorneys and mediators alike encounter, ensuring that every mediation process remains grounded in integrity and fairness. Our three experienced mediator-speakers will cover such topics as standards of behavior, confidentiality, mandatory reporting, making the most of court-ordered mediation attendance, and what to do when your client isn’t playing fair with the process.

Whether you're a seasoned attorney or new to mediation, this webinar will empower you to navigate mediation with confidence and professionalism while maintaining attention to ethical complexities. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your practice and contribute to the ethical foundation of the mediation process.