CLE Program

ADR Services, Inc., is a California State Bar certified MCLE provider that offers legal education programs to our clients throughout California at no charge.

About Our CLE Program

Our panel of neutrals consists of attorneys and retired judges who have the experience and legal knowledge that make them not only skilled, effective ADR professionals, but also arm them with the practiced legal expertise and communications skills essential to effective legal education. Presenters are available to conduct complimentary CLE programs at law firms, events, or in one of our ADR Services, Inc. offices across the state.


Our award-winning panel of neutrals offers substantial experience as mediators and arbitrators in every area of civil litigation.

Our neutrals have given MCLE presentations at many of the top 100 law firms in Los Angeles, corporate legal departments, government legal departments, bar associations, and non-profit organizations.


Presenters have taught a wide variety of MCLE topics through this program, including the following subjects required by the California State Bar:

  • Legal Ethics
  • Competence Issues
  • Elimination of Bias

Inquiries & Scheduling

For a list of current topics and instructors, or to inquire about scheduling, please .

2024 Employment Mediation Institute: Mediating Outside the Lines
Presented by the Southern California Mediation Institute

Tired of the same old mediation dance?  The Employment Mediation Institute 2024 will challenge you to step outside of the lines and explore unconventional alternatives. This half-day virtual program features a number of experts and trendsetters in our field.  We'll start the day by challenging the notion of traditional methods of distributive bargaining that most of us learned in mediation training as the only way to mediate successfully.  Then, we'll hear from a panel of experts on fresh ways to address some of employment mediation's most complex problems, and we will close the day with the latest California employment law updates, featuring perspectives from both sides of the bar.

1 Hour General Credit

Family Meeting: Strategies in Family Law Mediation and Settlement
ADR Services, Inc. Complimentary In-house MCLE Program

Join us for this engaging panel discussion focused on enhancing your family law practice through advanced mediation and settlement techniques. This program is designed for family law attorneys seeking to optimize their strategies and make the most effective use of their time with neutrals. Led by moderator Alice Cheng of Candelaria LLP, our experienced panelists David Fink, Hon. Leslie Landau, and Hon. Anita Santos will discuss mediation, private judging, and how to make the most of each. From choosing the right type of session, to effectively using experts, our speakers will provide insight into their unique settlement styles. Make sure to stay till the end where they will also discuss trends in family law, and give insight into some of the most challenging cases they’ve settled.

1 hour General CLE Credit

Mediating Trust & Estate Disputes: Preparation
Complimentary In-House ADR Services, Inc. Program

Set the stage for a successful mediation in trust & estate disputes. In this program our speakers, seasoned mediators themselves, will discuss key elements to prepare your client, yourself, and your mediator for a successful session that will result in a binding agreement. This program is part 1 of a 2 part series on mediation of trust & estate disputes.

1 hour General CLE Credit

Mediating Trust & Estate Disputes: Mediation Session
Complimentary In-House ADR Services, Inc. Program

What does the day of mediation look like in a trust & estate dispute? How do you negotiate with challenging opposing counsel, or bridge impasse? How do you overcome a stalemate late in the day and ensure that a resolution is reached? Tune in to this program to hear from experienced and effective mediators who navigate these exact situations regularly and learn how to resolve probate, trust & estate disputes through mediation. This program is part 2 of a 2 part series on mediation of trust & estate disputes.

1 Hour General CLE Credit

Mastering PMK (Person Most Knowledgeable) Depositions – Perspectives from Both Sides of the Table
ADR Services, Inc. Complimentary In-House Program

Join us for this webinar on the intricacies of PMK (Person Most Knowledgeable) depositions, a critical aspect of legal proceedings involving corporate entities. We will hear from three key perspectives. From plaintiff’s perspective, we will see strategies and considerations for noticing a PMK deposition, particularly focusing on the challenges and opportunities when deposing a defendant entity. From the defense perspective, hear insights into the process of designating the appropriate PMK, gathering pertinent documents as outlined in the deposition notice, and effectively defending these depositions to protect the interests of the entity client. And finally, you will also get the trial judge’s perspective. Our three speakers will provide well-rounded discussion of the law of PMK depositions (statutory and case law), strategy in taking and defending, optimal use of depositions at trial, etc.

This webinar promises to provide valuable knowledge and practical tips for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Whether you are new to PMK depositions or looking to refine your approach, this session will offer the guidance you need to excel in your legal practice.