Welcome to the ADR Services, Inc. Zoom Resource Center. As Your Partner in Virtual Dispute Resolution, we are deeply invested in assisting you and your clients to achieve positive results over the Zoom platform.

We have compiled a number of guidance materials to help both counsel and clients connect and use Zoom most effectively. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Virtual Dispute Resolution Guidelines, which address technological requirements and offer information about what you can expect from Zoom. In addition, our Get Connected! Tips will help you prepare for your session in advance. If you have an arbitration or discovery hearing on calendar, your Case Manager will send out our Virtual Hearing and Arbitration Guidelines prior to the scheduled hearing.

As ADR Services, Inc. strives to continue leading the way in virtual dispute resolution, we are constantly evolving our offerings to best serve the needs of our clients. We have extensively trained a highly proficient team of over 20 Zoom Coordinators, who are available to conduct mock test sessions for those who would like to practice in advance. Additionally, a dedicated Zoom Coordinator is assigned to each case to initiate the Zoom hearing and remains available throughout the day to assist in the rare event of any technological challenges. If you would like to schedule a mock test session, need assistance or have any questions, please contact our Zoom Task Force at zoom@adrservices.com

We look forward to connecting with you soon.