Comm. Renee Wilson (Ret.)


Comm. Renee E. Wilson (Ret.) served 22 years as a Commissioner for the Orange County Superior Court dedicated to family law assignments. During this time, Commissioner Wilson completed thousands of family law trials involving property division, child custody, child and spousal support, premarital agreements, and other family law-related matters. She also completed assignments in domestic violence litigation, termination of parental rights, and surrogacy issues. Prior to taking the bench, Commissioner Wilson worked for 15 years as a sole practitioner, with an emphasis on family law and general civil practice.

Commissioner Wilson is a recipient of numerous awards and accolades for her work on the bench and in the community. She received the Judge James O. Perez Trailblazer Award from the Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County in 2020, and was named its Judge of the Year in 2018. In addition to her long-standing devotion to serving the community, Commissioner Wilson enjoys a reputation for her strong intellect, compassion, and her firm grasp on the nuances of complex family law litigation.

Commissioner Wilson is bilingual in English and Spanish.


  • Commissioner, Orange County Superior Court, 2000-2021
  • Extra-Help Commissioner, Orange County Superior Court, 1999-2000
  • Sole Practitioner (emphasis on family law and personal injury), 1985-1999


  • Judge James O. Perez Trailblazer Award, Hispanic Bar Association, 2020
  • Judge of the Year, Hispanic Bar Association, 2018
  • Child Advocate of the Year, FACES, 2013
  • Domestic Violence Advocate Award, Domestic Violence Assistance Program, 1999



  • California Judges Association
  • Orange County Bar Association, 2000-Present
    Family Law Section, 2001-Present
  • Hispanic Bar Association, 2001-Present
  • Orange County Superior Court
    Executive Committee, 2014-2018
    Extern Committee, 2016-2018
    Domestic Violence Committee, 2015-2019
  • Orange County Family Violence Council, 2015-2019


  • J.D., Western State College of Law, 1985
  • B.A., Speech Pathology, California State University, Long Beach, 1979

Representative Cases

Property Division

  • Business valuations of closely held corporations, private practices and family businesses, including issues involving analysis of Moore-Marsden calculations and the “reasonable return on community efforts” approach.
  • Determination of business income, including characterization of post-separation distributions.
  • Division of property with determinations of separate and community property contributions and Family Code Section 2640 claims.
  • Tracing of separate property.
  • Gift analysis as contributions to community property.
  • Watts and Epstein claims.
  • Breach of fiduciary obligations.
  • Date of separation.

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Child Custody

  • Move-away, including out-of-state or international move-away.
  • Hague Convention and Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act matters.
  • Mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Multiple-parent issues.
  • Termination of parental rights.

    Child and Spousal Support

    • Determination of income for support purposes.
    • Marital standard of living.
    • Temporary support determinations.
    • Deviation from guidelines for high earners.
    • Adult dependent child support.
    • Imputation of income.

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    Miscellaneous Family Issues

    • Attorney’s fees disputes.
    • Discovery.
    • Domestic violence–related issues concerning support and custody.
    • Premarital agreements.