AMS (ADR Services, Inc. Case Management System)

ADR Services, Inc. is proud to share its new cloud-based, state of the art, custom-built online case management system, AMS (ADR Services, Inc. Case Management System).  AMS is a secure and complimentary tool offered to our clients* to facilitate communication and access case information, anytime, anywhere.

The intuitive interface of AMS allows clients to:

  • Easily search case history
  • File, access and download case-related documents
  • Keep track of past and upcoming calendared events
  • Communicate with both opposing counsel and ADR Services, Inc.
  • View and pay outstanding invoices or check accounting information

As ADR Services, Inc. continues to Leverage Technology to Drive Resolution, we are pleased to offer this innovative platform to serve the legal community and be Your Partner in (Digital) Resolution.

Click HERE to Login to AMS

Click HERE to request an invitation to AMS


*Please note that AMS access is limited to attorneys and self-represented parties.