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Mar 29, 2021

How One Woman Succeeded in a Male-Dominated Profession

When it comes to perseverance and resilience, no one knows the meaning of the words better than Lucie Barron, founder and president of ADR Services, Inc.

Born in Germany to Russian parents who were prisoners of war, Barron spent the first years of her life in a refugee camp before immigrating with her family to Australia in the late 1950s.

Although growing up in Australia was difficult, Barron reflects on the experience as one that made her stronger. “I just tried very hard to fit in,” Barron said. “I developed a very strong work ethic and this attitude that anything was possible. That was my philosophy. It wasn’t that I really thought about it at the time, I just had it in my brain that you could do anything if you worked hard enough.”

“I just learned that it was OK to be rejected, it was OK to not be part of a group that other people belonged to and it was OK to be an outsider,” she continued. “And that is what probably strengthened me.”

That same strength was what drove her to launch one of California’s leading alternative dispute resolution service providers in 1994, although she had no legal background.

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