CLE Program

ADR Services, Inc., is a California State Bar certified MCLE provider that offers legal education programs to our clients throughout California at no charge.

1 Hour General Credit

Controlling the Narrative in a Successful Mediation
At the Placer County Bar Association’s 32nd Annual MCLE Conference

Join us for an illuminating session where we unravel essential soft skills required in successful mediation. Explore the art of controlling narratives – a skill that empowers attorneys to guide conversations and outcomes in a constructive direction. Gain insights into managing expectations and fostering a conducive environment for resolving conflicts and facilitating understanding. Unearth the concept of parallax – the subtle differences in viewpoints – and learn how to navigate them skillfully to bridge divides and create common ground. Whether you're an experienced practitioner looking to refine your skills or a newcomer seeking to understand the nuances of successful mediation, this webinar offers invaluable strategies and insights. Join us as we delve into the heart of mediation mastery, equipping you with the tools to orchestrate productive conversations, manage expectations, navigate diverse perspectives, and empower parties to take control of their narratives.

1 Hour General Credit

Mock Mediation – Real Strategies: A Behind the Scenes Look at Achieving Successful Resolution
ADR Services, Inc. Complimentary In-House MCLE Program

The stage is set: a motorcyclist collides with a driver making a left turn. The mediation is scheduled for September 13, 2023 at 12 p.m. Join real life Mediator Judge Paul Beeman, as he works with plaintiff’s counsel Doris Cheng, Esq. (Walkup Melodia) and defense counsel Jahmal Davis, Esq. (Hanson Bridgett) to present a mock mediation of this dispute. The fact pattern will be fake, but the negotiation and settlement strategies employed will be very real. From pre-mediation calls and brief submission, to moving through negotiations our panelists will employ bracketing, counter offers, private caucuses and other strategies to demonstrate how a real-life mediation might play out. At the end, you decide – should they take the deal?

Join us for this fast-paced mock mediation program, not to be missed both for newer practitioners, and seasoned attorneys looking for a peek into the private rooms in mediation.

1 Hour General Credit

Employment Today: In-Depth Discussion on Employment Law Issues and Arbitration
Presented at the ACBA Labor & Employment Symposium

This seminar will cover recent developments in employment law, including class actions, arbitration, and numerous other topics. Mr. Loeb and Justice Lambden will be sharing their experience and insights on particular issues and considerations for effective employment law alternative dispute resolutions.

1 Hour General Credit

Arbitrator Panel – Current Trends in Employment Arbitration: Exploring Critical Cases and Developments
Presented at the ACBA Labor & Employment Symposium

Stay up to date with the ever-evolving realm of employment arbitration with this highly informative program. Discussing new case law, statutory updates, mass filings and other current trends, our seasoned panel of retired judicial officers and attorney arbitrators will offer valuable, comprehensive, and thought-provoking insights into the most pertinent trends and events, delving into the implications they hold for the future of employment arbitration and the greater employment dispute resolution industry.

1 Hour – Legal Ethics

The Ethics of Growing a Mediation Practice

Alternative Dispute Resolution is one of the fastest growing practices among both attorneys and retired judicial officers. Attorneys interested in starting a mediation practice must be aware that ADR professionals confront ethical issues at every phase of their practice, from advertising to potential clients to the period following conclusion of the mediation session. Awareness of these ethical issues and preparing how to handle them will structure a smoother transition into a mediation practice. In this program, Joanna Barron, Executive Vice President of ADR Services, Inc., one of California’s most successful alternative dispute resolution provider firms, will provide insight on navigating these ethical issues while at the same time building a robust and thriving ADR practice.

1.25 hours General Credit

Hon. Ming Chin (Ret.): Career, Jurisprudence, and Legacy
Interview with Bob Egelko at the CLA 2023 Annual Meeting

At the 2023 California Lawyers Association (CLA) Annual Conference, San Francisco Chronicle Court Reporter Bob Egelko will interview former Supreme Court Justice Hon. Ming Chin about his legacy, jurisprudence, and career. This program will be offered as part of the CLA’s Annual Meeting, where legal professionals all over California and beyond meet to learn and connect. This three-day conference is packed with inspiring keynotes, MCLE on emerging topics across practice areas, and fun networking events.

1 Hour General Credit

Law and Motion Basic Training
Presented by the Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada

This year’s annual favorite is designed to give lawyers of all levels the practical tools and skills to move a case from inception to trial. This online program will provide associates and those new to the defense practice an in-depth preparatory course in this specialized field. Presented by skilled local attorneys and experienced mediators, this seminar series will provide training on how to open a new file; develop and effectively communicate a litigation strategy; and navigate written discovery and depositions.

In addition, our panelists will review best practices for law and motion work as well as preparing a case for mediation and trial. Upon completion of the series, participants will have gained the skills necessary to defend a client from day one to trial.

Presentations will run from 4:30 - 6pm | Q&A from 6pm - 6:30pm


  • September 6 - Week 1: So You've Got a New File, Now What?
  • September 13 - Week 2: Written Discovery
  • September 20 - Week 3: Depositions
  • September 27 - Week 4: Law and Motion
  • October 4 - Week 5: ADR
  • October 11 - Week 6: Trial Prep

1.5 Hours General Credit

Beyond the Dissomaster: Selected Advanced Child Support Issues – Part 2
Presented by the ACBA Family Law Section

Join two experienced retired judicial officers in the highly requested part 2 of this program as they delve beyond the Dissomaster into advanced child support issues in family law disputes. The speakers will get into the real details as they discuss deviations from guideline child support, child support add-ons, imputed and unusual income items, and proof of income. This program is targeted towards family law practitioners. Make sure to check out Part 1, available through the Alameda County Bar Association MCLE online catalog.

1.5 Hours General Credit

Successfully Mediating Real Estate Cases
Presented by the Bar Association of San Francisco Real Property Section

As more than 95% of civil cases resolve before trial, it is critical to be just as skilled in mediation as in the courtroom. This CLE will cover:


  • Mediation Basics
  • Getting to Mediation
  • Mediator’s Role
  • Opening Mediation Session and Counsel’s Remarks
  • Addressing Common Issues at Mediation
  • Mediation Strategies
  • Nailing Down a Settlement

2 units Elimination of Bias and 1 unit General

What Were You Thinking!?
Unconscious Assumptions and Biases in Mediation Presented by the Mediation Society

Underlying every stage of the mediation process are hidden assumptions and biases which often go unexamined:

  • Settlement negotiations should focus on objective criteria and outcome predictions
  • Participants are rational actors looking out for their own economic interests
  • Mediators should persuade, cajole, argue, twist arms, etc. in the same way regardless of a person’s sex, race, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or other characteristics
  • It is not the job of the mediator to call out prejudice or bias in the mediation