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Sep 17, 2020

ZOOM: The Future of Virtual Dispute Resolution

How to be effective in Zoom Hearings, including the nuts and bolts of using the technology from a logistical standpoint, how to prepare clients for virtual dispute resolution and how to achieve the best resolution for your client via a virtual platform. Presented by ADR Services, Inc.


  • Glenn Barger, Esq.
  • Wendy Kramer, Esq.
  • Mitch Tarighati, Esq.
  • Hon. Jacqueline Connor
  • Hon. Gerald Rosenberg
  • Hon. Joe Hilberman

Online/Virtual Mediations

Preparation for A Successful Online Mediation

Factors to Consider in Execution of A Successful Mediation

Overcoming Challenges in Establishing “Online” Trust & Rapport

  • Hybrid Mediation
  • In-Person Advantages
  • Zoom Advantages
  • Hybrid Options and Advantages

Increasing the Likelihood of a Successful Arbitration

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