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Jul 9, 2020

Verdict Magazine – Life Inside Prisons

This article has its roots between 10:00 p.m. and midnight Pacific time last July 4 when I was a guest on George Noory’s radio show “Coast to Coast AM.” The general topic was our country’s Criminal Justice System, with the more specific subject being our failed policy of Drug Prohibition. As a direct result of this show I received letters from eleven men who are presently serving time in prisons all around our country. Two of them claimed they are factually innocent of the charges against them, with one of those enclosing a copy of a signed and sworn declaration by a man who ostensibly was recanting his jailhouse snitch testimony that he had given against the writer of the letter in exchange for a prosecutor’s promise of a lighter sentence. My response was to send a copy of this material both to the Agent in Charge of the local office of the FBI as well as to the local head of the Innocence Project for their investigation. (I realize that most people in prison claim factual innocence, but this one seemed worthy of extra attention due to the enclosed declaration.)


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