Settlement Week

 to learn more and schedule your session.

Mark your calendar! Our neutrals are available the week of Monday, September 19, 2022 – Friday, September 23, 2022, to virtually settle your personal injury and landlord-tenant/HOA disputes.

If you have a case on the verge of settlement that requires a mediator’s help, we encourage you to schedule a two (2) hour session during our semi-annual settlement week. All sessions will be billed at $1,200 per session. Below please find our neutrals who are available to settle your cases.

*Personal Injury matters must meet the following criteria to qualify: undisputed liability, low claim value and/or policy limits, and initial discovery completed.

All hearings will be conducted remotely via Zoom Conference with a dedicated Zoom Coordinator who is available to handle all the logistics. Additionally, please note that briefing is limited to 10 pages.

Each two (2) hour session is billed at a flat rate of $1,200 with the ADR Services, Inc. administrative fees waived. This flat fee may be split between the parties for $600/party.

Download Personal Injury Settlement Week Brochure
Download Landlord/Tenant & HOA Settlement Week Brochure