Demand for Arbitration

Where no lawsuit has been filed, a party to a contract or agreement containing an arbitration clause can initiate the arbitration process by sending the other party a written Demand for Arbitration. The Demand generally describes the parties, the dispute, and the type of relief sought. The process occurs as follows:

  1. A completed Demand for Arbitration must be served by the Claimant upon the Respondent (or Respondent’s counsel) along with a copy of the contract or agreement containing the arbitration clause. (Certified or registered mail is the recommended service method in order to verify receipt of the Demand.)
  2. A copy of the completed Demand for Arbitration should be simultaneously sent to ADR Services, Inc., along with a copy of the agreement or form containing the arbitration clause and a nonrefundable Initial Filing Fee of $450.
  3. ADR Services, Inc. will send out a letter acknowledging receipt of the Demand for Arbitration. The letter will identify the next step to be taken as well as other procedural aspects governing the arbitration process.

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