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Jan 31, 2023

Richard J. Collier, Esq. Featured in the Daily Journal

Mediator Richard J. Collier completed a doctorate in English and worked as a professor for seven years in the English department at UC Berkeley before he enrolled in law school.

“At a certain level, being a trial lawyer involves understanding what you’ve been reading, and what you’ve been studying and learning, coming to an explanation for what you’ve been studying and then persuading somebody that your explanation makes some sense,” Collier explained. “And that’s what I did as an English professor.”

Collier said he became disillusioned with professional academia in the later years of his time teaching at UC Berkeley, and instead the importance of words, books and public speaking within the legal world grabbed his attention. Collier graduated from UC Berkeley School of Law in 1979 and then spent 40 years representing clients as a litigator, often handling trust and probate cases along with a wide range of commercial disputes.

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