Lance A. LaBelle, Esq. is a highly regarded mediator. Prior to joining ADR Services, Inc., Mr. LaBelle practiced as the principal of LaBelle Arbitration & Mediation, LLC. Before embarking on a career as full-time neutral, he practiced law as an AV-rated attorney for over 30 years, handling a wide variety of matters and specializing in insurance cases.

Mr. LaBelle tries to never lose sight of the goal of dispute resolution – to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. He carefully listens to the parties in order to gain a thorough understanding of their positions and real interests. While Mr. LaBelle takes an evaluative approach, he also focuses on building trust and a productive working relationship with counsel and their clients. He looks for ways to “expand the pie” and employ creative solutions to reach a settlement.

Mr. LaBelle believes that mediation does not begin or end on the date of the mediation. He endeavors to discuss the case with counsel before the date of the mediation and follows up with counsel after the mediation if necessary. He does this at no additional expense and matters often settle as a result of these continuing efforts. Mr. LaBelle cares deeply about the outcome of your case, and truly appreciates the parties and their counsel placing their trust in him to assist in the resolution of their disputes.

Mr. LaBelle is available for mediations through ADR Services, Inc.


  • Business, Breach of Contract, Real Estate and Commercial Disputes
  • Insurance: Property, Casualty, and Extra-Contractual*
  • General Negligence and Defamation
  • Homeowners Association Disputes
  • Landlord-Tenant, Neighbor-Landowner, and Habitability Matters

*Mr. LaBelle is a recognized insurance expert with experience handling all forms of insurance matters.


  • Panelist – ADR Services, Inc., 2018-Present
  • Principal – LaBelle Arbitration & Mediation, 2016-2018
  • Panelist – American Arbitration Association, 2009-2017
  • Principal – Berger Kahn, 1986-2016
  • Associate – Hagenbaugh & Murphy, 1985-1986
  • Judicial Clerk – Hennepin County District Court, Minnesota, 1983-1985


  • American Arbitration Association:

AAA Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration, 2016; AAA Conducting Research and Investigations ~ The Arbitrator’s Authority (ACE009), 2015; AAA Webinar, Effective Mediation – From A Mediators Perspective, 2013; AAA Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards, 2009; AAA Fundamentals and Best Practices for New Arbitrators, 2009

  • Association of Attorney Mediators:

Business Mediation, 2016; Personal Injury Mediation, 2017

  • Orange County Bar Association:

Getting To Know FINRA, 2011; Law Students and Mediation, 2011; Reel ADR: A Review Of Negotiation Techniques, 2011; Disclosure and Disqualification/Mediation, 2010; The Mortgage Financial Crisis, 2010; Co-Mediation Approach To Resolving Litigated Disputes, 2009; The Financial Meltdown-Insurance and Dispute Resolution Issues and Techniques, 2009; Using Decision Tree Analysis, 2009; Using and Reading Nonverbal Communications, 2009; Deal or No Deal – A Summary of Case Law, 2008, 2009

  • UC Irvine: Conflict Management and the Use of Alternate Dispute Resolution Program:

Certificate of Completion awarded in August, 2005. Courses completed: Arbitration Training, 2005; Civil Advanced Mediation, 2005; ADR Training, 2005; Group Facilitation and Meeting Management, 2005; Negotiation Skills, 2004


  • Admitted to the California Bar, 1984
  • Admitted to the Minnesota Bar, 1982
  • Hamline University School of Law, J.D., 1982
  • University of Minnesota, B.A., 1978


  • Chair, Orange County Bar Association ADR Section, 2008 and 2015
  • AV-Rated Preeminent, Martindale-Hubbell
  • Best Lawyers of America, Southern California
  • California Super Lawyers including an inclusion in the Orange County “Top 50” list; AVVO rating: 10 (“superb”)


  • Orange County Bar Association
  • The State Bar of California
  • Minnesota State Bar
  • Association of Attorney-Mediators

Representative Cases


  • Mediation where departed employee and officer of company alleged company's wrongful refusal to honor departed officer's interest in the company and properly compensate him for his interest
  • Mediation of dispute between a church and school management company with respect to lease obligations and obligations under a school management agreement
  • Arbitration involving law firm and client based on client's failure to pay legal fees
  • Arbitration where claimants sought to rescind contract with timeshare resort group
  • Arbitration where purchaser of racetrack alleged breach of contract against seller
  • Arbitration where insurance producer alleged former principal owed chargebacks pursuant to a commission repayment agreement
  • Arbitration where medical imaging center brought claim against medical center alleging hospital wrongfully competed with imaging center in breach of partnership agreement

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  • Mediation of water damage claim brought by unit-owner against HOA for damage to interior of unit arising out of common area water leak
  • Mediation of property line dispute involving neighbors and HOA


  • Insureds suffered fire loss and brought action for contractual damages and extra-contractual damages based on carrier’s declination pursuant to illegal acts exclusion.
  • Mediation of breach of contract and extra-contractual claims based on carrier's refusal to defend and indemnify a technology company under a D&O policy where technology company was under Government investigation and was served with multiple search warrants and grand jury subpoenas
  • Mediation of breach of contract and extra-contractual claims arising out of carrier's refusal to pay for the cost of the insured's remediation of a contaminated site
  • Mediation of action for equitable indemnity and contribution between carriers arising out of the carriers' defense and indemnity of underlying action involving competing pawn broker businesses
  • Mediation of insurance reimbursement action brought by carrier against its insured to recover alleged uncovered settlement paid by carrier on insured's behalf
  • Mediation of breach of contract and extra-contractual claims brought by company against carrier based on carrier's refusal to pay under an employee dishonesty coverage for a loss arising out of employee theft
  • Mediation of breach of contract and declaratory relief action brought by company against insurer based on insurer's failure to defend an underlying wage and hour matter
  • Mediation of breach of contract and extra-contractual claims alleged by university against carrier with respect to carrier's refusal to fully reimburse defense fees and costs incurred by the university relative to underlying suits and arbitrations brought by students against university
  • Arbitration involving medical center and professional liability carrier with respect to contractual and extra-contractual claims arising out of carrier's failure to defend medical center as to underlying personal injury suit
  • Arbitration where owner and operator of ranch brought contractual claim against crop insurer with respect to alleged losses to citrus crop due to wind and excessive heat
  • Arbitration where law firm brought fee claim against carrier pursuant to Civil Code §2860 for services rendered as "Cumis counsel"

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  • Mediation of lease dispute between a landlord and restaurant tenant involving issues of past and future rent and potential eviction
  • Mediation of landlord-tenant dispute involving single family home where tenants alleged constructive eviction based on condition of premises
  • Multiple habitability mediations where groups of tenants living either in apartment or other rental dwelling units pursue claims against landlords based upon mold, vermin and various other conditions at the premises


  • Mediation where fire at a motorcycle shop and repair facility caused a total loss to structure and twenty-eight customers' motorcycles along with insurance coverage issue related to insufficient policy limit
  • Malpractice action brought by business against accountant including claim for recoupment of fees paid


  • Mediation of claim for encroachment and property damage brought by three downslope landowners against uphill landowner with respect to a 175 foot garden wall that ran along the uphill landowner's rear property line where the wall became destabilized and ultimately encroached on the properties of the downhill landowners
  • Mediation of neighbor property line/encroachment dispute involving multi-million dollar residences


“Lance LaBelle has become one of our firm’s go-to mediators for disputes involving complex issues and insurance coverage angles.  His breadth of knowledge and experience related to insurance law and insurance industry practices has proved invaluable in resolving cases.  He has used thoughtful and creative solutions to reach settlements in our cases, including some with difficult issues and personalities that, frankly, we did not think would settle.  This, coupled with his neutral and results-oriented approach, makes him an excellent choice for cases involving insurance coverage or complex litigation issues.”

“Mr. LaBelle was the perfect mediator for our habitability case. He knew just how to work with counsel to get the case resolved even when there were several factors complicating the matter. I would surely use him again for any future case that may arise. I was truly impressed with his skills as a mediator.”

“I have used Mr. LaBelle as a mediator in the past. He does a fantastic job of calming the parties, forcing them to focus on the issues that matter, and ultimately settling their cases in a very short period of time. My experience with Mr. LaBelle has shown me that he has the right combination of demeanor and intellect to serve as a truly excellent mediator or arbitrator.”

“He listens with empathy, knowledge and objectivity and finds a way to resolve the matter for all.  It is hard to ask for better qualities in a mediator.”

“Lance is one of the most thoughtful attorneys I’ve ever worked with. He is a detailed thinker who can solve difficult problems creatively and efficiently. I highly recommend him to mediate your case.”

​“Lance is knowledgeable, calm and persuasive. In my experience, he is the perfect mediator. I highly recommend him for your matter.”

“Lance worked far harder than he should have had to, and far harder than most of the neutrals I deal with. It did not matter to Lance that this was not a large case, he stayed with it all day and into the night. Very much appreciated.”

“Lance LaBelle was the perfect mediator for our habitability case. He applied just the right amount of pressure to get the case resolved in a matter that had several complicating factors. I would definitely use him again in any type of case. Did not know him before this case but was very impressed with his mediation skills.”

“Mr. LaBelle’s extensive understanding of insurance coverage law combined with his easy grasp of the legal theories in the underlying litigation made a successful resolution possible.”

Lance LaBelle is a terrific mediator for cases involving insurance. Very professionally handled by Mr. LaBelle!

Mr. LaBelle is seriously the best. He is truly a gem, wise, patient. He is in the stratosphere of the top mediators.

Excellent mediator. Very adept at handling difficult personalities.

“Mediator Lance LaBelle has his hands on the case; read the file and knew details of the case from records submitted; great experience.”

“Mr. LaBelle was extremely knowledgeable about the nuances of dealing with the stakeholders in our mediation, including the deft handling of multiple breakout rooms, confidential discussions, understanding of the complexities of coverage issues, and knowledge of the major players in the subject matter.”