Jeanne Behling, Esq. is a seasoned mediator, having successfully resolved hundreds of disputes since commencing her full-time mediation practice in 2016. She commands an impressive background as an attorney representing plaintiffs and defendants alike for over two decades, specializing in personal injury, product liability, sexual abuse/harassment, and employment litigation. Her experience also extends to subrogation and cases involving peace officers and government claims.

Ms. Behling began her career in 1988 as Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, where she was assigned her first felony trial within just eight months of joining. She was responsible for handling all aspects of prosecution of criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. At the end of her tenure, she had tried over sixty cases to jury verdict, including vertical prosecution of sexual abuse and assault cases, gang offenses, and homicides.

Ms. Behling then shifted her practice to handle civil litigation as an Associate at the Orange County firm of Alevizon, Smith, Susson & Palafox, a personal injury litigation firm which practiced both plaintiff and defense civil cases. There, she was responsible for all aspects of civil litigation, including discovery, depositions, motions, and court appearances. After three years, she relocated with her husband to Singapore, where she spent almost five years teaching business law and political science at The Overseas Family College, a school affiliated with the California State University System.

Upon her return to the United States in 2000, Ms. Behling spent the next sixteen years as a litigator, first at Smith & Marquart and later as a Partner at Smith & Behling, where she specialized in all aspects of business, personal injury, product liability, and employment cases, from intake to litigation, including drafting and responding to discovery, taking and defending depositions, drafting and responding to motions, trial preparation, and working with various expert witnesses.

For decades, Ms. Behling has passionately delved into mediation theory and practiced it throughout her career. Her global experiences have instilled in her a profound appreciation for diverse cultures, making her an empathetic mediator who genuinely cares for people and their unique perspectives. With her exceptional ability to connect and relate to participants, Ms. Behling is an invaluable asset to any mediation.


  • Breach of Contract
  • Employment Matters
  • Government Agency Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Sexual Abuse / Harassment
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • UM/UIM
  • Wrongful Death


ADR SERVICES, INC. 2022-Present
Full-time mediator specializing in the resolution of business, employment, government liability, personal injury, products liability, sexual harassment, traumatic brain injury (TBI), UM/UIM, wrongful death cases, and more.

Mediator on the panel of Inland Valley Arbitration and Mediation Services with offices in Irvine, Ontario, and Pasadena. Mediated a variety of cases including wrongful death, personal injury, catastrophic injury matters, premises liability, employment matters, subrogation and complex multi-party matters.

Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor of Law teaching Mediation and Negotiations to law students. Develop content including lectures and role play scenarios to allow students to develop mediation and negotiation skills.

Workplace Investigator
Investigate allegations of inappropriate conduct, including sexual harassment, bullying, retaliation, racial and gender-based discrimination. Author reports with appropriate findings.

SMITH & BEHLING 2006-2016
Responsible for all aspects of plaintiff personal injury and employment cases, intake to litigation, including drafting and responding to discovery, taking and defending depositions, drafting and responding to motions, preparing for jury trials, including working with various expert witnesses. Specialized in catastrophic injury matters, employment, and sexual harassment and abuse cases. Also managed staff including secretaries and paralegals.

SMITH & MARQUART 2000-2006
Responsible for all aspects of business and personal injury cases, intake to litigation, including discovery both written and oral, drafting motions and responses, court appearances, and trial preparation. Prepared for mediation and arbitration as required.

College professor at a school in Singapore affiliated with the California State University System. Taught Political Science and Business Law to College Freshmen.

Associate at a Personal Injury litigation firm which practiced both plaintiff and defense civil cases. Responsible for all aspects of civil litigation, including discovery, depositions, motions, and court appearances.

Deputy District Attorney
Responsible for all aspects of prosecution of criminal cases including misdemeanors and felonies. Tried over sixty cases to jury verdict, including vertical prosecution of sexual abuse and assault cases, gang offenses, and homicides.


  • Juris Doctorate, UC College of the Law, San Francisco, 1988
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of California, Riverside, 1985
  • Mediating the Litigated Case, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, 2015


  • Assistance League of Tustin, Past President, Past Vice-President, Parliamentarian
  • Association of Workplace Investigators, Member
  • Foothill High School Education Foundation, Past President/Board Member, 2014-2017
  • Orange County Bar Association, ADR Section Chair
  • Orange County Superior Court Mediator Panel
  • Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, Past Member
  • Orange County Women Lawyers Association, Member

Representative Cases


  • Mediated over 300 auto accident cases, including cases with multiple plaintiffs, multiple vehicle cases, minors who have ongoing complaints, cases with catastrophic injuries, cases with traumatic brain injuries.
  • Handled numerous cases involving people with traumatic brain injuries from auto accidents.
  • Handled numerous cases involving law enforcement in 100+ auto accident cases with subrogation issues, approximately five included catastrophic injuries.
  • Nine-year-old at a gymnastics school fell and fractured arm. Issues of supervision, liability waiver and assumption of the risk.
  • Security guard used his baton on a person who had been drinking and was being escorted from a store. Issue of self-defense.
  • Bar patron and friends asked to leave when they were too rowdy. Allegation that security guard broke patron’s arm. Incident visible on security camera.
  • Plaintiff suffered a broken clavicle and concussion after being grabbed by a security guard. Issue was whether security guard used appropriate measures including whether it was appropriate to touch plaintiff and whether it was appropriate to send multiple patrons out rather than separating disputants.

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  • Mediated over 50 cases with issues of underinsurance or uninsured motorists.
  • Represented numerous clients with underinsured and uninsured claims.


  • Wrongful death of a two-year-old by dog mauling. Dog owner judgment proof and criminally charged. Issue of liability of landlord/property owner and issue of notice.
  • Wrongful death suit involving nine plaintiffs, including a widow, four kids, and four stepkids. Tire blew and dump truck went into center median killing driver. Issue regarding tire maintenance. Liability disputed.
  • Wrongful death of 22-year-old on a motorcycle out in the high desert. Defendant insured was alleged to have lied to police about how it happened. Potential comparative of speed.


  • Eight-year-old bitten by neighbor’s dog. Mom also brought claim. Minor scarring on minor’s arm.
  • Dog bite from neighbor’s dog. Plaintiff alleged nuisance and wanted daily damages for nuisance.
  • Two issues with same neighbor. First, neighbor’s dog reached through the fence and grabbed a tea cup Yorkie and killed it. Two weeks later, the same dog reached through the fence and bit the 76-year-old plaintiff. Issue of liability, damages and whether punitive damages were appropriate.
  • 90-year-old bit by a dog causing eye damages including stiches and loss of sight. Issue of nature and extent of damages.
  • Dog bite. Owner is a tenant and plaintiff also sued homeowner. Issue of liability because landowner did not know tenant’s dog was vicious.
  • Represented a law enforcement officer who was bit by a dog during the course of his duties. Officer suffered nerve damage. Issues of subrogation and homeowner liability.

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  • Female employee alleged female boss discriminated, harassed and bullied her with abusive statements, forced her to go to a bar, flashed her breasts, answered phone calls with vulgar speech. Allegations of hostile work environment and harassment.
  • Employment case issue whether driver was a volunteer or an employee at a marijuana delivery service.
  • Para educator injured and couldn’t lift or push 5 pounds. School District terminated her because the essential job functions required pushing and lifting. Issue was whether this was wrongful termination.
  • Allegation of wrongful termination of a driver who alleged he was an employee. Company alleged he was self-employed and could not be wrongfully terminated.
  • Represented Police Officer who had a claim for wrongful termination and failure to accommodate.
  • Conducted multiple Workplace Investigations involving allegations of hostile work environment, discrimination, bullying, differential treatment and harassment.
  • Plaintiff had a brief consensual relationship at her first job. Plaintiff ended relationship but defendant supervisor assaulted and sexually harassed plaintiff until plaintiff quit. Defendant alleged entire relationship consensual and no constructive termination.
  • Handled a case wherein a Police Officer was assaulted by a Sergeant. Additional sexual harassment at work alleged.
  • Conducted multiple Workplace Investigations involving allegations of sexual harassment.

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  • Mediated a slip and fall at gas station causing rotator cuff impingement and surgery recommendation, defense open and obvious and no dangerous condition.
  • Mediated a fall where plaintiff alleged he tripped over a base for a flag post causing injuries. Tenant, Restaurant owner, installed and kept flags in the base 24/7 until too many flags were stolen. Landowner claimed no knowledge of the base and disputed liability.
  • Mediated a matter where plaintiff slipped at big box store. Plaintiff’s allegation was the employee unloading items using a pallet jack caused the water spill onto the floor. Plaintiff had to reach for merchandise and had to reach over the pallet jack and slipped on water causing injuries.
  • Mediated a matter where plaintiff alleged a slip on water at a grocery store. Plaintiff alleged there was a hole in the roof and the water from the rain dripped from the rain. Defendant disputed liability and argued causation and limited injuries.
  • Mediated a matter where plaintiff was at a friend’s home in the local mountains. Plaintiff slipped on pine needles and fell on a hard surface that had been obscured by the needles. Plaintiff contended the hard surface was a latent defect.
  • Mediated a matter where plaintiff slipped and fell on soda at Mexican restaurant. Plaintiff contends a back injury with multiple epidural injections. Defense denies liability.
  • Mediated a matter where plaintiff slipped on water at a grocery store, but did not fall. Plaintiff alleged injuries to back, knee and hips. Sweep sheets detail inspection and defendant denied notice.
  • Mediated a slip and fall at major discount retailer. Witness saw a little boy spill soda and ice cubes and defense argues there was no time to have notice of the incident. Also, some argument about the extent of damages to plaintiff’s shoulder.
  • Mediated a slip and fall at a local supermarket. Plaintiff alleged knee injury. Video shows slip, but plaintiff immediately got up. Defense argued damages and notice.
  • Mediated a matter with plaintiff mail carrier age 52 was walking his route and tripped on a wire that was taped down on defendant’s property.

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  • Handled a case involving an all-terrain vehicle rollover with allegations of improper design.
  • Handled a case involving a person severely injured by failure of a printing press. The case involved a number of experts and extensive litigation.


  • Wedding planner had a contract with a bride. Bride terminated the contract. Wedding planner wanted remainder of contract plus design services.
  • Plaintiff bought an engine from defendant to put into a diesel F250. Engine failed. Allegations of breach of warranty and fraud.
  • Multiple breach of oral contracts.
  • Multiple breach of sales contracts for real property.


  • Mediated a case involving a fight in playground after a tournament basketball game. Defendant school district alleged no notice and no requirement to provide security. Plaintiffs said coaches’ wife, who is a school volunteer, knew. Plaintiffs’ injuries included bites and a broken nose.
  • Represented a plaintiff who was sexually groomed for years by a same sex teacher starting at age 15 and culminating in a sexual relationship. Plaintiff regularly visited teacher at school and drove home with teacher. Other teachers witnessed minor and teacher at local restaurants. School District defendant argued they did not know, nor could they have known.
  • Represented a police officer who was struck on the freeway suffering career ending injuries. Defendant was an aide at a school and District denied that she was working at the time of the accident, but her job entailed traveling to different schools.
  • Represented female minor LASO Explorer who was groomed and sexually abused by Explorer advisor. Criminal charges were filed. Issue re government agency liability and supervision of the Explorer program.


  • Plaintiff had extensive dental work including 13 implants and 12 restorations, plaintiff still has pain, bleeding gums and difficulty chewing. Defendant dentist alleged plaintiff not following post visit care plan.
  • Plaintiff alleged major dental problems due to root canals and alleged root canals done incorrectly. Defendant denied and argued causation and also pointed out informed consent regarding any complications.


  • Mediated approximately ten family law matters and five probate matters.


“I have been involved in several mediations with Jeanne Behling over the years and what makes her so effective is her ability to connect with my clients. She is very patient and is genuinely interested in listening to them describe their injuries, how those injuries have affected their life, etc. Once she really gets to know them, my clients trust that she is doing everything she can to help resolve the case. She makes them feel comfortable with the mediation process. I highly recommend Jeanne.”

“Jeanne Behling is outstanding to work with! She is fair, compassionate and knows the law. She has the ability to push both sides to acknowledge flaws in their cases and bring them to the table to reach a resolution. She is the happy median between defense and plaintiff side. She takes the time to understand the cases and really works hard following up to get a resolution reached. I have used her many times and will continue to do so.”

“I have used Jeanne Behling as a mediator for numerous successful dispute resolutions. She has the perfect temperament and demeanor along with knowledge of issues to instill reassurance and confidence in both sides. I highly recommend her services.”

“What I appreciate about Jeanne is she really takes the time to get to know my client, understand what they’ve been through, what their medical treatment has been, how it affected their life. She really wants to get to know them, and I appreciate that because a lot of mediators don’t do that.”

“Jeanne doesn’t let the emotions of the case dictate her own thoughts on the matter. Some attorneys can get a little impatient during the process, but I’ve never seen her rattled before—as far as coming back into the room after talking to the other side. She’s very methodical in how she goes about her business.”

“Jeanne has never told me something’s not worth her time. She understands that sometimes smaller cases can be a little more troublesome because you don’t have a lot of wriggle room when the numbers are smaller and people get dug in. I’ve had retired judges we’ve used for mediation on smaller cases get impatient and be like, ‘Hey guys, come on. This is like a $20,000 difference. What are you doing?’ she doesn’t do that, and that’s important because that’s not how you settle those types of cases—by getting angry.”

“I think a lot of mediators would have just wrote us off and wrote off our argument. But Jeanne really took the time to listen and talk about the reality of the case. She’s willing to be a sounding board, she’s willing to listen, and she’s willing to work with both sides. But you’ve got to know the details of your case because she asked some tough questions. She’s a straight shooter and definitely tells you exactly how it is.”


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