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Mar 19, 2021

Embracing the 21st Century Paradigm for Resolving Business Litigation, Sponsored by ADR Services, Inc.

Hosted by Alameda County Bar Association, Sponsored by ADR Services, Inc.

Join Hon. George Hernandez (Ret.) and Hon. James Lambden (Ret.) for this timely and informative discussion. Innovative approaches are no longer “alternative” but rather integral to effective dispute resolution of commercial disputes. Your business clients may be particularly receptive to innovations that facilitate early and cost-effective settlement of their cases. Your strategy in commercial cases should include a variety of tactics designed to move your cases toward the best-for-business alternative to trial. Online mediation is only part of a new litigation landscape that includes phased mediation, use of referees, mini-arbitrations and private trials.

The technology is here to stay: Up your game by learning to use all the tools that can make your presentations professional, impressive and persuasive.

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