CLE Program

ADR Services, Inc., is a California State Bar certified MCLE provider that offers legal education programs to our clients throughout California at no charge.

Navigating Mediation’s Ethical Horizon: Integrity, Fairness, and Professionalism


As the art of mediation continues to shape the legal landscape, professionals must remain committed to the highest standards of conduct. This webinar will offer valuable insights into the ethical considerations that attorneys and mediators alike encounter, ensuring that every mediation process remains grounded in integrity and fairness. Our three experienced mediator-speakers will cover such topics as standards of behavior, confidentiality, mandatory reporting, making the most of court-ordered mediation attendance, and what to do when your client isn’t playing fair with the process.

Whether you're a seasoned attorney or new to mediation, this webinar will empower you to navigate mediation with confidence and professionalism while maintaining attention to ethical complexities. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your practice and contribute to the ethical foundation of the mediation process.