CLE Program

ADR Services, Inc., is a California State Bar certified MCLE provider that offers legal education programs to our clients throughout California at no charge.

The Ethics of Growing a Mediation Practice

Alternative Dispute Resolution is one of the fastest growing practices among both attorneys and retired judicial officers. Attorneys interested in starting a mediation practice must be aware that ADR professionals confront ethical issues at every phase of their practice, from advertising to potential clients to the period following conclusion of the mediation session. Awareness of these ethical issues and preparing how to handle them will structure a smoother transition into a mediation practice. In this program, Joanna Barron, Executive Vice President of ADR Services, Inc., one of California’s most successful alternative dispute resolution provider firms, will provide insight on navigating these ethical issues while at the same time building a robust and thriving ADR practice.

Hon. Ming Chin (Ret.): Career, Jurisprudence, and Legacy

At the 2023 California Lawyers Association (CLA) Annual Conference, San Francisco Chronicle Court Reporter Bob Egelko will interview former Supreme Court Justice Hon. Ming Chin about his legacy, jurisprudence, and career. This program will be offered as part of the CLA’s Annual Meeting, where legal professionals all over California and beyond meet to learn and connect. This three-day conference is packed with inspiring keynotes, MCLE on emerging topics across practice areas, and fun networking events.